What are our Most Popular Boba Tea Flavors?

New to T4? Unsure which boba tea flavors you want to try first? Torn between tea vs. milk tea? If you’re riddled with indecision over our expansive, mouthwatering menu, then let us offer a helping hand! Don’t hesitate to ask your local barista for a recommendation or please refer to our bestselling drink list below!

Our Most Popular Boba Tea Flavors:

  1. Peach Royal Tea
  2. Panda Milk Tea
  3. Earl Grey Milk Tea
  4. Elegant Lady Royal Tea
  5. Oolong Milk Tea
  6. Thai Milk Tea
  7. Jasmine Green Milk Tea
  8. Rose Milk Tea
  9. Kyoto Matcha Tea
  10. Okinawa Milk Tea
  11. Passion Fruit Royal Tea
  12. Mango Royal Tea
  13. Green Tea
  14. Lychee Black Tea with Aloe
  15. Royal Fresh Milk Tea
  16. Caramel Milk Tea
  17. Rose Aloe
  18. Taro Milk Tea
  19. Winter Melon
  20. Sweet Mango Smoothie
Whoa – what is PANDA Milk Tea?! Read our next post to find out more!