Qualifications If you are a person who is enthusiastic, confident, ambitious, and admire T4 management philosophy. / If you are a person who is would like to follow T4 Headquarters’ standards of operation and professional instructions. / If you are a person who is optimistic and positive in attitude and is aiming to establish your own career, who will allow yourself to pass T4’s interviews. /

  • Take-out tea shops which will require 200-500 square feet.
  • Drink-in tea shops will be designed according to different store conditions.
Headquarters supports Full trainings, store designs, publicity designs, and grand opening supports.

  • Excluding the security deposits, rentals, personnel expenses, and operational reserve funds.
Personnel 3-8 persons will be the basic personnel needed for one store operation. Further evaluation for head count adjustment will depend on store areas and its traffic flow.
Education & Training 14-day professional training courses, including on-site practice in stores.
◎ Daily Operations for store open and close
◎ Bar and Kitchen Operation
◎ Procurement & Management on Raw Materials
◎ Management on Documentation and Numbers
◎ Cost Management & Control
◎ Customer Development and Retention
◎ Maintenance on Machinery/Equipment
Consultation for Store Grand Opening 5 days



  1. Introduction on A Store’s Equipments:

    Layout & Floor Plan:T4 will offer each store a complete set of the plans from store design, decoration to traffic flow planning. Jobs of decoration will be arranged by franchisees locally.

  2. Machinery and Equipment:

    The whole package includes sugar filler, sealing machine, ice blender, POS system, ice maker, and tea maker, etc.

  3. Accessory & DM Design:

    It includes hardware accessories and marketing materials for the grand opening of each store.

  4. Training:

    Provide store operation techniques, including daily opening and closure operations, bar and kitchen operations, raw material purchase management, etc.
    SOP manual and operation documentation.
    14-day courses for training and practice.
  5. Grand Opening Support

    On-site counseling of management and

    operations offered by T4’s senior consultant for 5 days.

  6. Brand Licensing:

    (Actual specifications are based on contracts.)



Innovative Techniques from T4

To be keen on where the market tides goes, T4 continues to keep its eyes on new trends, By launching 3 to 4 new products to the market every year, actively making efforts in research and development, introducing mature machinery and drink-making techniques, T4 would be able to move forward to create more popular products, to draw massive attractions from consumers, and to maintain the brand loyalty to T4 store chains..

T4’s Master Selection Materials to Maintain Competitiveness

With stringent quality assurance standards in materials selection and process control set by our R&D team, T4 collaborates with professional factories with accreditations such as ISO, HACCP,etc. to develop exclusive products. Through centralized purchasing management to lower costs, T4 stores can raise the perceived value of drinks from the customers and thus strengthen the abilities to compete with others.

Professional Supportive Coach Teams

T4 management team is formed by senior restaurant professionals, which are capable of providing operational plans and management consultant to help T4 franchisees run their business on the track with much less learning curve required. T4’s new start-up stores are not fighting alone; T4 is committed to stand by them, shoulder to shoulder, to realize the dreams as one.
Elegance and Fashion in Store Design
T4 creates a brand new image of millions of worth which composed by the theme of simplicity, health, humanity, aesthetics, and good taste into the store design with fashion and elegance in the open space; and hopes to increase the customers’ brand recognition as well as help franchisees develop stores network rapidly.

Advantages of Full Aspect Marketing Resources from T4

By surveying consumers’ needs and desires, T4’s full aspect marketing resources starting from on site store POP, flyers and internet media, to not only catch consumers’ eyes but also continue to strengthen T4’s bandwidth and customers’ loyalty.

Training with Tips of 3S

T4 stores are trained with professional SOP and equipped with complete know-how transferred. Solid training with the tips of 3S — Simplify, Standardization, and Specialization, that, makes the new start-ups of stores get familiar with operations earlier and thus start the business promptly.

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